Code of Conduct


  • Teams can build apps from scratch (Mobile App / Consumer Web App / Business Web App). Teams can solve no challenges (build whatever you want) or can submit to as many challenges as they want.
  • All hackathon prizes will be sponsor prizes. The sponsors will choose their own prizes and choose their own prize winners during Day 2 of the hackathon.
  • There will be 1 round of judging on Day 2 – Sponsor Judging.
  • Sponsors usually judge around the following criteria: 1) How much progress you make 2) Concept – does it solve a real problem? and 3) Feasibility – could this become a startup or company?
  • Because of the sheer number of participants and teams, participants will not be able to organize teams by pitching their ideas on day one. They can however, post projects to the network and contact other members about joining projects.

Challenges & Prizes: 

Overall API + AI Dev Hackathon Winner

1st Place Prize - Echo Spots ($400 Value) Overall API + AI Dev Hackathon Winner from our Top 5


Challenge #1: Appdome - Secure all the APIs in your mobile app with AppdomeOPT IN

1st Place Price: $1,000 in Visa Gift Card + Review of your project on Appdome Corporate blog + $1,000 credit in Appdome services 2nd Place Price: $500 in Visa Gift Card + Review of your project on Appdome Corporate blog

Bring your Android or iOS app or build a mobile app. Upload your mobile app to Appdome and build a new app with by adding mobile security and securing all your APIs. At the start of the Hackathon, you will create an Appdome account using “apiworld” as the promo code. This will give you access to a 5-day free trial with all the mobile security suite features and developer options turned on. You will need the following information. The public CA certificates or the public leaf certificates of the backend servers your app is connecting to. Android keystore or iOS developer certificate.

Challenge #1: Even Financial - Financial Achievement App/ ToolOPT IN

1st Place Prize - COMPLETE RASPBERRY PI 3 SET ($750 Value)

Almost no one is optimally applying financial products against their objectives. Pick an area that illustrates this case (eg paying off credit card debt with a personal loan, consolidating debt, or finding a lower interest rate to refinance) and design an experience where users can enter in specifics around their situation and determine what savings they can realize by leveraging a better financial product utilizing the Even API - this can be a calculator widget, financial simulation game, anything.


Challenge #2: Even Financial - Freeform Financial Products and Services API HackOPT IN

1st Place Prize - WASD VP3 61-Key Custom Mechanical Keyboard ($750 Value)

Even is the leading search, comparison and recommendation engine for financial services. Utilizing the Even API, create any freeform hack experience you can think of. We look forward to seeing what you build!


Challenge #1: AWS - Build a Serverless SolutionOPT IN

1st Place Prize - Amazon Echo Show 5

2nd Place Prize - Echo Dot

Challenge: I need to organize my company's media photos! Build a serverless solution that accepts images from users and create a searchable catalog of photo contents that can be queried via API. Bonus points will be awarded to teams who minimize the amount of code they write (i.e. use AWS services and third-party libraries to do the heavy lifting). We will be looking for innovative use of the services to solve the problem. The solution is not allowed to use any servers (EC2 instances, etc.) and must use at least 3 of these services: • API Gateway • Lambda • DynamoDB • Aurora Serverless • Step Functions • Rekogition

Challenge #2: AWS - Build a Serverless APIOPT IN

1st Place Prize - Amazon Echo Show 5 ($100 Value)

2nd Place Prize - Echo Dot ($100 Value)

Challenge: I need to find something to do this weekend! Build a serverless API that allows users to find the average weather for their zip code, together with a range of potential local activities. You can use APIs like: • • • … or any others than help you solve the problem. The winning solution will integrate multiple data sources and provide the best answer to the question. You must build a serverless solution. It only needs to work with US zip codes, and must use: • API Gateway • Lambda • DynamoDB Bonus points will be awarded for using the Cloud9 IDE and AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM).

Challenge #1: DocuSign - Automate Agreements using the DocuSign eSignature APIOPT IN

1st Place Prize - $1,000

2nd Place Prize - $500

DocuSign is more than just... sign! Our eSignature API enables developers to digitally sign documents, request signatures, automate your forms and data, accept payments, verify identity and much more! You can integrate our powerful eSignature REST APIs into any app, website, or embedded system that can make https requests. To get started, go to

Challenge #2: DocuSign - Implement "Click to Agree" Functionality using the DocuSign Click APIOPT IN

1st Place Prize $500

2nd Place Prize $250

Clickwrap agreements are everywhere. Do you recall those "terms of service" agreements you must scroll through and click to agree? The DocuSign Click API provides an extremely lightweight interface through which to create, manage, and modify clickwrap agreements. To implement a clickwrap in your application within 10 minutes, go to


Challenge #1: IBM - IBM Hackathon ChallengeOPT IN

1st Place Prize - IBM Swag Bag ($45 Value)

Today, many organizations across the globe have departments dedicated to ensuring that their products/offerings are accessible. These organizations often have accessibility standards that each internal team is required to meet. Despite all this work, product usability remains a huge issue for many disabled individuals. For this hackathon, we would like participants to come up with an API that addresses an existing accessibility concern. Just as an example, an API that easily converts and translates text into braille so that embossers can print out documents for low vision and blind individuals. This is platform agnostic and can be an API for IoT, Mobile, Web-based, etc. platforms. We encourage you to do some research on the disability/accessibility concern to back your solution with concrete market needs.


Challenge #1: RingCentral - Bring Communications into Your AppOPT IN

1st Place Prize: 40,000 Game Changer Points (to be split among team members). That's enough for 4 conference passes, Echo Show, iPad mini, podcasting equipment, 2 Google Stadias, or many other prizes! See available rewards at! ($800 Value)

2nd Place: 20,000 Game Changer Points (to be split among team members) ($400 Value) Add voice, video, SMS, team messaging, or fax (yes even fax) to your app using RingCentral APIs and help change the way people communicate! Challenge will be graded on use of RingCentral APIs, creativity, functionality, and bonus points for apps that help change the way we communicate or address communication challenges for those with disabilities.

Challenge #2: RingCental - Earn the Most Game Changer Points at API World!OPT IN

1st Place: 20,000 Additional Points! ($400 Value)

2nd Place: 10,000 Additional Points! ($200 Value)

Join our Game Changer contest at - and earn the most points while at API World.